Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oakey's GRILL...come on in!


 When I pulled up to OAKEY'S a couple days ago and started taking photos with my digital camera, Steve Ko, the creator and manager was sitting outside at a picnic table, looking somewhat quizzically at me...finally speaking, "May I help you?" to which I smiled and responded, "Are you the owner? "  He said "Yes," and we began to talk.

When I asked  how he came up with the name, OAKEY'S (thinking it was his last name), he mentioned someone he knew, but then said it was mostly the trees in Western Howard County where he lives...and cited, in particular, an area called Ten Oaks. Trees resonate with me, so it was a matter of becoming suddenly comfortable in our conversation.


Kayla Hutsler and Steve Ko inside OAKEY'S

I told him where I had worked (National Park Service in a national historic preservation program for 30 years) and that I had created many blog feature articles on shops and restaurants in Ellicott City Historic District--and lived for many years on Church Road, above Main Street in downtown Ellicott City. He nodded his head several times.

But enough of the past, I was here TODAY to order some of the cool food he offers at OAKEY'S, so we both went inside--I took photos of Steve and his staffer, Kayla; then Steve disappeared into the kitchen, and Kayla efficiently operated the counter.  As you can see, that wall of photographs represents customers and friends who have frequented the GRILL over time

Condiments--photos on the wall.

A parallel wall of photos adorns another side, overlooking Frederick Road.  OAKEY'S Grill is located at 9095 FREDERICK ROAD, ELLICOTT CITY and is located next to Rita's Italian Ice.

Besides the boilerplate sandwiches (pit beef, hand carved smoked turkey, pit ham, grilled chicken breast, pulled pork and BBQ pulled chicken with a dazzling choice of toppings, Steve Ko also features CATERING for Lunch, Business Meetings, Birthday Parties, Tailgating, & More!

Call for details:  410-418-4770.       
Kayla behind the counter. Lunch time is busy!
While I waited for a pit beef sandwich and my favorite, a tub of OAKEY'S cole slaw, I just looked around, taking photos in every direction, until a large brown lunch bag appeared and I went back to my car...headed for home.   

Here's a good deal!

Kayla sporting the GRILL's distinctive logo.

Barrels with sign about catering and specials.

I love black and orange, so almost bought one.

Do stop here and try the neat food and savor the small-town look and feel of OAKEY'S GRILL.

It actually reminds me of the small stores in Rehoboth Beach, DE. so the entire experience resonated with me.

Now, off to the light rain.

Content and photos: Kay Weeks
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Kay said...

Note from author:

I took the sandwich to my son, David,but ate a bite of the cole slaw. It's really good!

larue peggy said...

fantastic. must see one day

Anonymous said...

my kind of place....harve in vietnam