Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lunching with Cindi - Tersiguel's

Tersiguel's on Main Street.

Last week, Cindi Ryland and I had another talking lunch at this established and popular Country French restaurant on Main Street, Historic Ellicott City, Maryland--more specifically, the address is 8293 Main Street.  I have enjoyed Tersiguel’s many times with other friends and family, seated elsewhere in the restaurant. Besides having been a French teacher for years, Cindi is creator and owner of one of my favorite shops on Main Street: RETROPOLITAN

I was parked in a 2-hour spot and could see my car!
Bar Tender, posterized.
Back to Tersiguel’s.  Rather than the larger dining room, with murals that always delight the eye, Cindi suggested we meet in a small bar off to the right, immediately beyond the entrance.  It is always quiet there, but then noon is our appointed time, so not many people. Actually, it has always been a reserved atmosphere everywhere in the special restaurant housed in an old building.

Talk.  This last time we talked about a book I had lent her, “There are no Accidents,” by Hopcke.  It isn’t easy reading, both philosophical and anecdotal; I read it several years ago. He coined the term “synchronicity.”  You may want to pick it up at a library or used, online.

More Talk. Cindi Ryland told me about an incident or series of incidents that seemed right out of the book in their coincidental nature; and one of the people in her story had read this book as well. Later, I showed her two travel on Apulia, IT; one on Paris...We talked about Paris...of course! 

Cindi Ryland talking to Erin Jeannier.
Eat.  We each had a drink and late breakfast fare; I had an egg-white omelette with asparagus, for instance…thinking about losing the yolks, in theory less caloric, while nibbling on the wonderful bread and noticing the eggs were shining with beautiful butter. I’m an olive oil user, but at Tersiguel’s, you just want to lean back and enjoy the moment.

Meet. During our two hours or so, we were introduced to several people who are instrumental in the daily joy of the restaurant: Michel Tersiguel, the Executive Chef and Owner, right; Dominic Foster, the Maitre D’, left;  Ellen Hutton, middle, who was sitting at the bar during our lunch at a table close by...

...and Erin Jeannier, our smiling waitress, right, with Cindi Ryland. 

Family Night. Michel stood by our table and explained Family Night…a new idea…as I understood it. Rather than take notes (I had a drink), I found information on the restaurant web site. See information on Family Night, below.

Leaving:  We each got our check, paid, and promised we would meet again after a trip she was planning to take to Las Vegas...and YES, we will go back. It is now a tradition.  Always things to talk about within this cozy bar with the great French food--so elegant, but also classically simple. It is perfect.

Next time you visit Ellicott City's Main Street, be sure to check out the menu posted on near the entrance of Tersiguel's.  At busy times, reservations are essential.

More on Family Night from Michel Tersiguel:

We always get inquiries about when the next Family Night will be, well here it is! If you are new to the concept here is a brief overview:

A meal meant to be shared with you and your closest friends and family. This is a three (3) course meal served family style with
platters and bowls of amazing food made by chef Michel himself. Each group or table will select a captain or co-captains to join chef Michel Tersiguel in his kitchen to bring the amazing selection of food back to their group. If you have never attended then you are surely missing out on a fun filled evening.

The price is $35.00 (including tax and gratuity for food)

Kids under 12 years old are only $20.00 (including tax and gratuity for food)

Table wine is included in the meal, but all other beverages come at an additional cost. If your tastes are for something other than wine, we encourage you to head down to our fully stocked bar to quench your thirst.

Attendance is by reservation only and seats do fill up VERY FAST!!!!

Call the restaurant at 410-465-4004 to answer any questions and to make your reservations.

Christmas time. Photographed from my car.

 Tersiguel's French Country Restaurant is located at:

8293 Main Street
Ellicott City, MD 21043
Phone: 410.465.4004
Fax: 410.461.1429

From web site:
We truly look forward to seeing you and your little ones in your best and brightest!
--Fernand, Odette, Michel, Angie, Lucas and Landon...The Tersiguel Family.

Feature content and photos:  Kay Weeks on 4.21.12



Anonymous said...

Looks like a delightful place for dining.

San Diego, CA

Sally said...

Brings back excellent memories of Tersiguel's or Chez Fernand, the original name of the restaurant that burned down in a terrible fire in the 80s. But Fernand and his son returned to Ellicott City, thank heaven. Our family has celebrated many occasions at this restaurant...a rehearsal dinner, birthdays for example.

Anonymous said...

Great write up.

Cindi Ryland

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kay, the blog looks great. You made me want to come by and eat at the same table at which you dined.

Dominic Foster

MaĆ®tre D’

Tersiguel’s French Country Restaurant

8293 Main Street

Ellicott City, Maryland 21043

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like to eat!

T. Fajardo