Monday, April 11, 2011

Lake Walk - The Sound of Geese

Walking at Centennial Lake,
I realized the last time I was there--with blossoms fully out, but leaves on trees still an eerie green blush--that it isn't just what is going on in the water, visually, I mean:  It is the sound.  Or sounds...Birds chattering, geese making that wonderful sound that an online description refers to as "noisy," and the birds themselves as a "nuisance" when invading parks in large numbers. 

I, for one, find a Canadian Goose as elegant as Nefertiti!

                   See what I mean?  Long neck...elegant carriage...

What they eat:  The online description says: Vegetation - roots, grass, leaves and seeds. What she (Nefertiti) ate?  Moot point here.

Let's continue the Centennial Lake walk briefly. Focus on the Canadian Geese.

This time of year, before the boats are available for rent and Spring is fully evident, one day may be very warm (such as today) and the next, much cooler with rain.  Water levels in the lake are low right now, leaving a kind of muddy and not very attractive island for the birds.

But, oh! The birds are so lovely with their coloring and that incessant talking!  I wish you could hear them now. 

This couple, engaged in feeding and enjoying a cool morning, were not saying a thing.
But if they took to air in a pack, then the trumpeting!

The joggers pass by, quietly engaged in their even breathing and perhaps pace, and the only sound that jars is one woman talking on the cell phone...but her voice is suddenly overpowered by the honking geese and gossiping birds.

I see a fisherman or two, standing in a kind of heroic A-shape, so grounded, and waiting, waiting...

...while on the grassy hill beyond, a father launches a kite after several tries, while his children shriek with delight.

All in all, it is a good day at the Lake...and I will come back again and again, in all moods to listen and watch, but mostly listen.

Kay Weeks

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Lake Centennial is in Columbia, Maryland.


Anonymous said...

Ah, that kite! And I love Canadian geese, but had never considered the length of Nefertiti's neck in quite that way before.

Anonymous said...

You're lucky to live close to a lake that has the geese. Wonderful bird.

Bob F.
San Diego, CA

Anonymous said...

...wonderful artistry in your blog...unrivaled by ANY other blog I've ever read.

Sharon Crain
Catonsville, MD

Anonymous said...

If you walk past the area at the lake where people fish, there is a willow tree and a bench with my son's name on it, dedicated to him by my friends and son, Adon passed away in 1990 at age 20. We drive over every once in a while just to see how the tree is growing...

Anonymous said...

I could tell that you had compared the goose neck with Nefertiti, and that was spectacular...superb!

Kay Reid

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Kay ! Harve