Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Walking on clouds? Think again...

Spring is generally thought of as a time of blooming and transformation,
but best not to morph into a bird (with applied wings) and to soar out
of an attempt to reach the sun, or clouds...and stay there,
looking down on the less-than-talented other beings. 

Icarus tried that and look what happened to him!

Here is a contemporary adaptation of the myth in sonnet form:

Spring Warning

Just notice how when daffodils appear,
Completely normal people act so strange:
They seem to drop their binding Winter fear
To don some bird-like feathers in exchange.

Now if they really soar is something else;
Some put them on and take them off at night.
The depth of spirit is what truly tells
How high they'll get or if they get it right.

I've seen some human birds get caught in wires
Because they didn't plan before they flew.
Like dervishes mid-air or spinning tires,
The altitude sent them to quick adieu.

 If you don't plan it, this could be your fate:
You need to "partner" Spring, just like a date.

Kay Weeeks 3.27.10
Illustration: MARGARET SCOTT
April, 2011

Blog: 4.6.11

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