Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day...a Seurat Feeling at the Lake

    G. Seurat   Sketch for "The Bathers."

    May 8, 2011. This day was framed by a magnificent sunrise and a moody end-of-day sky featuring billowing cumulous clouds with crepuscular rays (what I call a "god sky').  In between, there were beautiful flowers from both of my grown children----and the continuing sounds of two cats trying to figure out why they have been placed together in a small interior in Ellicott City. 


    At Lake Centennial in Columbia, Maryland, on Mother's Day, it was definitely human energy over duck power, although all were present. It was warm; families were cooking and the smoke rising from the grill attracted me as a momentary marker, of joy, hanging in the air, then remembered in time.  

    As I walked quickly, trying to beat "dusk," I took photos of a few things that seemed to represent the day and its lovely surfaces.

    Kids shouting, chasing a ball across the walking path...

    ...playing...a father and daughter batting a ball; a boy about to cast a line into the lake being encouraged by elders. It all made me smile.

    There were also those sounds of silence. A couple asleep...a bicyclist zooming by, a jogger with a headset.

    It felt like summer to me, but it is not. That feeling of breezy freedom and movement; those electric greens and a light breeze--in short, all that wonderful feeling all at once. I had to leave.

    Kay Weeks
    May 9, 2011


    Anonymous said...

    Nice impressions.

    Kaye said...

    I am impressed. XX

    Anonymous said...

    A very nice evocation of the meaningfulness of immersion in nature, with wonderful photos, and what a good idea to start with Seurat!

    Anne Hilary Sanderson

    Danielle Woermann said...


    Denee Barr Art News and More said...

    A Great Retreat!

    Anonymous said...

    i enjoyed your 'seurat' blog. words and images moved gracefully and beautifully across the page.

    Lora Robertson
    Seattle, WA

    Anonymous said...

    beautiful Kay. What a gift to be so blessed by something that doesnt need to be plugged in. It was a blessing to me on the other side of the earth. I am still in Vietnam. Thanks for all the effort you put into these blogs. Wonderful sharing...Harve x

    Anonymous said...

    what a lovely creative blog posting! thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Peggy Handler,
    San Francisco