Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Summer Night Journey...

I took a leave from self last night
and gave in to your will;
those fireflies, like little gods,
rendering me more nil.

Settling on a boat-like leaf,
I turned the cover down.
All I know is how I slept
dressed in your green gown.

Long before the break of day
my body gave up grief.
Those fears I'd wept, escaped
the crypt, like tiny deaths arose.

Sun and wind anointing soul,
and I fly home again--
those crickets giving little nods
to punctuate the end.

Kay Weeks, poem and illustration June 22, 2010


Denee Barr Art News and More said...

Lovely poem. It's like turning a new page and moving forward.

Danielle Woermann said...

Wow that is my favorite yet. I love the illustration also.

Anonymous said...

This illustrated poem was wonderful. Thanks, Kay. I always love the pictures and poems.

Kaye Reid Keeble, CA

Anonymous said...

So dreamy and languid, just perfectly illustrated, Kay.

Ruth Rossin
Roanoke, VA

Anonymous said...


this is inspiring. thank you.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful poem! Truly this is one of your very best. I was transported to another world by this. Kayes " dreamy and languid " summed it up for me as well. Harve

Anonymous said...

Your poem is delightfu. I am partial to your rhyming poems.

Trudy Sundberg
Whidbey Island, WA