Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer: Oft-repeated wishes...

My mind swims with thoughts
of oft-repeated wishes
for raspberries and singing...

...But here now the gray-white gulls
are winging overhead
punctuated by a small noisy plane
with a banner advertising beer fun
and you sprawled on the sand,

not heeding the tell-tale signs
of sunburn, asleep,
while I am half-reading
reading some philosophy book
too deep for my summer brain,

but mostly listening listening
to the breathing waves

and watching them gently nag
at our blue-towel door
pronouncing quietly
both beginning and end.

Kay Weeks


Danielle Woermann said...

Lovely, I am there!

Anonymous said...

So, I asked two friends to read the poem "Summer: Oft-repeated wishes.."

Lora said:

"I think it is a great poem and should definitely go on your EC website."

Anonymous said...

I LOVED this poem and the pictures....the colorful tote....the nursing home towel "door"....the banner plane....wonderful. I don't think it is "down," I think it "is."

Kaye Keeble, California

Anonymous said...

love this blog, kay...and all the memories it evokes. i have lived this! for decades, my extended family headed to the beach each summer and rented a big ocean-front house for a week or two.

lying on the beach, the planes with the banners, the BREATHING waves, our summer hit such a chord with me on this blog!! this is exactly the scene i conjure mentally when i'm seeking calm.

SC, Catonsville, MD

Denee Barr Art News and More said...

Ah! Nostalgic summmer rituals...
I enjoy your literary imagery which makes me ponder summers past and what this summer holds for me in 2010.

Anonymous said...

I shook my head in agreement with the speaker.


Anonymous said...

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