Friday, May 25, 2012

“Veni - Vidi - Vici ” RETROPOLITAN Shopper


   the steps to the lower level of this amazing Ellicott City boutique, my first ooh la la moment was spotting three black and white Lucite lamps made by Moss Lamp Company, ca 1950 (2 are shown here.) 

More to the point, however!  All the hats, clothing,
racks of the most delicious offerings! Feast!

Located at 8227 MAIN STREET, I knew exactly where it was...just two doors north of Old Columbia Pike next to what was once the town movie theater (now Precious Gifts) and across the street from the Historic Fire House Museum on Church Road.


Enter Cindi Ryland, RETROPOLITAN's creator:  Cindi saw me eye-ing this blue fox stole (ca 1950) – then forced me to try it on--Twist my arm! 

Next, I decided to try on the long white kid gloves with cut-outs and sequins, but they didn't really go with the stole, which I had not too secretly decided would be mine.  

But, oh!  I fell madly in love with this silk-like satin 2-piece dress which will need a couple simple alterations--such as hemming to just-about-knee-length. It was a gotta-have,, guess what?  The jacket can be worn a great deal!

Wish I could buy this round alligator flip-top purse –But not today.  Maybe the next visit?

NOW!  Just a little more looking at other wonderful items that were within viewing range, but not within my time frame or luggage capabilities.

RETROPOLITAN is always my raving FAVE in Ellicott City!  So guess I'll be checking the newly launched website often so Cindi can ship my favorites to me in my hometown!  The main thing I want to recommend is that you go to Ellicott City Historic District and visit RETROPOLITAN in person.  It will make you smile!  It sure worked for me!

Here it is:

Blog content: Cindi Ryland, Kay Weeks
Shopper: Alison Weeks
Text: Creative non-fiction.


Danielle Woermann said...

Great vintage shop! Everything looks great on Alison and I bet it does on you too Kay. Happy shopping.

Lauren Kelly-Washington said...

Alison looks great! Thanks Kay...