Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shadow Play

 "I have a little shadow..."  (childhood poem)

Is there a shadow
 always with me?  Yes.

Can you guess?
More than I know, we know...

When you walk alone,  you'll know, won't you?
Following you?

Feeling who you are,
I am, and always was...

...Before I went inside

to hide from you.

See?  It's me now,

into the light, then gone.


into the light,

    then gone.

Blogger Shadow

Let me ask you now?
Do you like the word
If it's Yes...then Shadow,
we are one. If Not,
Then let it

Kay Weeks
Poem and photographs
   on January 15, 2102


Anonymous said...

The part of us that really matters leaves no shadow. Our heart cry is to know there is more to us and to life itself than that part which leaves a shadow. We withdraw seeking truth that is not to be found in the physical world. I like this because it raises the question but doesnt pretend to offer any answers. The search is ours. This one really made me think some things through....another great piece Kay...thanks Harve

Caroline Gill said...

An intriguing post with evocative (written and photo) images, Kay.