Saturday, January 7, 2012

Embraced by Light - One January Sunrise

New Pillows

Why do we think

The new pillows

Or new pants

Or new anything

Will change our lives?

Not the new house

Not the new car

Not the new clothes

It is you
It is only you
Who can move
Into this new day
With hope, with joy--

It is you,
And only you
And you are not new

Are you?

Kay Weeks
9/25/08 and re-posted here with these sunrise photos all taken within a 10 minute
period on 1/6/12. And not straightened or otherwise manipulated by color saturation.
So incredible this beauty that it shapes the day, my day anyway. Sharing with you...



Anonymous said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful pics.

Catherine Mapes said...

Beautiful pictures and uplfting comments with them Catherine Mapes

Anonymous said...

Spectacular, Kay. Magnificent beauty and you were up to enjoy it. Your poem is so appropriate. Thanks, Kay.

Elaine Bane

(comment copied from her e.mail to me)

Dodie Browning said...

Gorgeous photos and thoughtful words. I feel so uplifted!

Peggy said...

WOW!!!! those photos are amazing!!! and the words are just right. Thank you Kay for your amazing creativity.

Anonymous said...

My first comment was Wow!!! and Peggy beat me to it. Beautiful writng and wonderful photography. We are all in agreement. You are one of the most creative people I have ever known. I'd rather have you than a speckled pup. Keep sharing...we love it. Harve in Hanoi

Caroline Gill said...

Very wintry sunrises! Magnificent.