Sunday, February 27, 2011

on-again, off-again friends...

Column for the Greenbank Gazette

The rain and sun,
those on-again, off-again friends,
have set the date--become engaged!
They’ve been sitting together, of late,
on a rusted swing,
gaily contriving to consummate
some glorious spring!

Shut me out!
Their lark!

Shade-puddles and I, lost in gloom,
plot like winter spies,
contracting with the night to hold on.
We are held at bay.
They don’t even see me.
I pout and wait.

Much later in the month,
I reluctantly decide
nothing is really wrong with May.
She’ll throw her flowers,
and I’ll throw rice, like April,
far away.

It marks the end of something--
the bells, the wedding of rain and sun.
And who knows from this bright ending,
what has already begun?

Kay Weeks
...and still in agreement in 2011



Anonymous said...

Very thoughtful, yes that about sums up the weather... some plants are suffering in the damp conditions. said...

Yes, and some people too!

Kaye said...

Lovely! I loved this.