Friday, February 18, 2011

"Spring in my bones," she said.

"Walk the lake" is what I call it, my short-hand term you grammarians would question. Now, the post title of this feature was given to me by Lora Robertson, a friend living in Seattle, Washington, where she says spring is happening with the emergence of flowers. She writes: "I feel spring in my bones."

Not here yet, at least in my bones, but more than hope: Spring will return. It will happen--and soon. I note from the longer-term weather forecast on television this morning that the Baltimore/Ellicott City area is slated to get another round of snow (or just snow showers) this next Tuesday, February 22nd. Back to the walk. Yesterday, parking in the usual place I elected to go counterclockwise around Lake Centennial (approximately 3.1 miles), and document a few things I saw and heard...signs of spring.

This included wonderful cloud forms; cracking ice on the Lake; holes in the snow and mushroom-shaped remnants of snow; mud on each side of the trail; ducks upended in shallow water foraging for food; workers shredding fallen branches in that neat machine called ASPLUNDH; and wan smiles on the faces of the walkers and hikers--hard to tell with the runners. They seem too focused on the goal.

I had none, really, for a change. No time restriction nor constriction of heart, feelings. I was wide open to spring. This feeling continues...

There are other people walking, for sure. Those who are not talking are more akin to my mood today...the threesome chatterers go by quickly, or I stop (pretending to be tying my shoe, etc.) until the Lake-sounds (mostly the ducks or geese flying overhead) take over again. This couple was quiet, walking fast.

A peek through these dormant vines shows that the lake is still mostly frozen. White instead of green...and dramatic in its pale contrast with the dark brown branches.

These small animal tracks (I decided they were birds and that the fine feet had spread out in appearance), but am not sure.
Still, a reminder that "we" are all in this together, seasonally.

With views large and small, it is difficult to take the mid-February change in all at once, so I constantly look out, then up, then down to be sure I am not stepping on some residual ice...but it is warmer today, so the trails are just puddly and safe.

If you know me, you also know I could go on and on, but won't...I think it is a matter now of how much the reader can take of this walk. I took fifty photos...of the red bridge that marks the half-way point, around the turn, back toward parking. For now, you will just have to imagine how beautiful it is at Centennial Lake, off Route 108, driving toward Clarksville. Or better still, take the walk yourself! This is one of Howard County's jewels, so take advantage of it over and over again in all seasons, as I do.
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Anonymous said...

Bob from San Diego said:

The tracks in the mud are from a raccoon!

Thanks, Bob.