Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Walk in Ellicott City- Random Paths

In the Summer, in particular, I just look for shade and try to walk at least forty minutes, sometimes with a camera and sometimes without one. This morning, I was reminded of a time in Carmel with Denny Weeks (my husband) who said he always liked to go into town when the stores were closed " Kay can't buy something!" Well, that memory made me laugh this morning when I was--first--in Catonsville trying to buy coffee at ATWATER's, but then, finding it closed, taking an impromptu walk around the wonderful Catonsville neighborhoods with their generous porches, now decorated with bunting for the 4th of July celebration.

Back to Main Street, Ellicott City--then up Church Road. You can
walk all of this very easily (perhaps take a water bottle). A few photos:

This store is "for rent" again, as occupancies change and places are, for the most part, gracefully updated on the exterior.

Up the hill to Ellicott City's Circuit Court, I watched
with interest at the work going on up there, but wasn't
sure what change or improvement was being made--
a few new parking spaces with plantings.

This house on Church Road has undergone many changes
in the 20 or so years I have lived in the area. At one time,
the house was painted orange and had a low picket fence;
later, white with the same fence. Now, the fence is gone,
opening up the yard to view from the street.

The white board-and-batten cottage you see, below grade
on upper Church Road, has been restored and
rehabilitated, including extensive yard work (demolition
of intrusive non-historic small structures, etc.)
and has never looked better, in my opinion.

Finally, something more personal: My backyard! I rent the 1890 addition to
an 1850 house on Church Road. Thanks to Sally and Rich Bright, who planted the hydrangeas several years ago for April and Dave Baer, I get
to enjoy the colorful bounty each year. And pick a few! Thanks, Tony and Wendy Kumar! The hydrangeas are being watered twice a day!

End of walk...Kay Weeks, content and photos June 27, 2010

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the board-and-batten cottage was once on the grounds of the PFI...I am so glad it has been preserved.

Other comment: I like the house on Church Rd without the white picket its beauty shines through.

Sally Bright,
Cambridge, MD