Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Lake in July

I visit Lake Centennial all times of the year, and frequently walk the some three miles around it. This was not such a day. I just wanted a taste of green, light, ducks, geese and sky--and was not dressed appropriately.  Pulling up to a parking lot and getting out of the car, I was treated to an incredible sky--that veiled sun coming through the trees!  It was a coincidence that I arrived to get the full effect. 

Then, I could see the Canadian Geese--or are they ducks?--cruising across plaited waters to bathe with friends...it got to be quite a splash after awhile.

One young man positioned himself and started fishing. I didn't stay to watch. He was enjoying his solitude, probably before going to work there with the boats--the concession area. Perhaps not...

The paddle boats were moored and waiting--and a bright sign boasting tasty food.

Finally, the kids' gym area with all kinds of slides, tubes, and things to climb was still quiet, but later, I'm sure was filled with joyful children and watchful parents and grandparents. I know--I've been there with my grand.daughter, Ariella many times, and photographed her every time.
This is a great place for kids to play!

Lake Centennial is a Howard County, Maryland, public park just off of Route 108 in Columbia, MD. Summer Concerts every Wednesday from 7:30 - 8:30, and I think I'll go...or consider it.  Yes, a great place to hear some cool music and relax!

Kay Weeks, content and photos on July 9, 2013



Kay Weeks said...

Lovely descriptions of 'your' lake. Would have enjoyed the solitude and the ducks/geese.

Love, Lora
Washington State

Kay Weeks said...

Awesome post and pics, Kay!

My dream is to find a lake or deep section of river to swim in near here...

Sara Arditti
Still Life Gallery
Ellicott City, MD

Kay Weeks said...

...grand pictures, and what a lovely way to spend the day!

Pat Watson