Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ice Cream Ambiguities

with Margaret Scott

Strawberry ice cream

melting or not,
is what I chose,
and when you chose Chocolate,
we ended up a dull Vanilla compromise--
so I left you.

The car evoked a dying sound,
a small rattle predicting
the end, but I misconstrued,
and brought if back to life—

But it died again.

The cats know; they always do,
but keep their views to themselves,
silently stalking us,
trying to get us to listen!

One is pretending to sleep now.

The addicted man
held out a small paring knife

and suggested he would use it on himself.
I took it away, and put it back in the kitchen drawer.
Every time I used it to cut onions,
I thought of that earlier time.

When the knife mysteriously disappeared,
I let the story go.  Until now…


Neckties were very narrow at one time,
and he bought and wore one
that looked silly with his bulky frame,

I never said anything because they were the style.

He’s gone, and so I can smile…writing this.

Oh, earrings…never a pair for long!
It was that coral dangling one I miss the most,
evoking some moment I thought was love.

I never found the other.


Again, that glass! 
Themes repeated; goblets crack.
Wine or gin preferred,
but not a good idea right now, I suppose.
So, fizzy water with lime, or lemon!
Or a plastic bottle when I walk--used to run.

The other one left me for another one. I was glad.


How I hate my cell phone,
a small silver intruder that has brought me
so much pain when he calls
to rain those hateful words on me!
Yes, I could turn it off!  But then,
I would miss that call from you--

And so it goes…

Poetry: Kay Weeks
Art: Margaret Scott

On March 5, 2013  


Kay Weeks said...

"So much pain. Methinks the lady deserves better!"

Pat Watson

Kay Weeks said...

"So much pain. Methinks the lady deserves better!"

Pat Watson

Kay Weeks said...

Hi Kay,

A lot of memories re-surfacing for you. As usual, an interesting read and love the art.

Bob F.
San Diego, CA

Kay Weeks said...

Hi Kay,

I loved each and every one of your poems! Very, very good, my dear. And Margaret’s drawings were, as always, wonderful.

Jane L.

Kay Weeks said...

Wonderful, Kay....you and M.S. should publish...extraordinary collaboration.


Kay Weeks said...

Your poetry and the artwork together are stunning. You poems make me want to talk with you and cause me personal reflection. Thank you for sharing.