Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Letter to the Winter Sunrise

You, so filled with giving passion

that I almost have to look away—

Morning lover, I was sad,

But then got caught-up

with your color and my mood moved

from gray to orange to yellow, to red,

and I was saved from dolor,

held fast with you as if we were in bed!


This morning, once again

your intense hues fanning out

across my dried-out grass,

held me up, embraced me as a friend,

and nodded now,

respectful, far off-lover.

Sky, all I need, without wanting,

I return again and again,

for direction, and with awe, even disbelief,

but you never fail me, are always there,

So I am coyly thinking

that if we keep meeting like this,

I may, or maybe might, or yes,

would, if you were to someday ask,

even consent to wed you.

Kay Weeks
January 1, 2013

In Ellicott City Historic District


Kay Weeks said...


Wow! The photographs and the words are beyond touching at least for me. Your photographs inspire me to keep trying with my own...

M.G. (comment ellipsed and name abbreviated; I copied this from another source)

Kay Weeks said...

Dear Poet......."Letter to the Winter Sunrise" is gorgeous verbally and visually.

You are Gifted.

Love, Trudy S.
Whidbey Island, WA