Saturday, July 7, 2012

Morning Ritual (Summer, Iced Coffee)

Stagger up, pet cat, feed cat,
gotta have it, beautiful fresh coffee!
Do you get it? 

I don't care...this is my time for joy!

Open the brown package from Atwater’s
aroma intoxicating, $13.50 a lb.
(quick trip to Costa Rico in a bag),
smooth dark beans ground fine...
red kettle screaming, then silenced,
water roaring into steam, but quickly quelled.
Pour into into a #2 brown filter
into a blue pottery cup. a certain one…

Drink up,
No, not yet…

Go back to the vaguely rumbling frig,
pull out a small container of
half-and-half, organic
and, in a steady flow--with surgical flourish--
add that touch of ground cinnamon…stir...
and gently but decisively, pour all
over diamond ice-cubes, filtered water...

But then I go somewhere else
when I take that first unrestrained,
but kind of lady-like sip

Iced coffee, night, one star above glass.


Letting my eyes roll back, but
not so anyone (even the cat) can see,
propriety always--
I feel it
travel slowly down my throat...
And no one but Camilla can hear me
exhaling one--maybe the only one of the day--
prolonged  addictive


 Poem, photos. Kay Weeks    On July 7, 2012   Slated to be 107 degrees.



Anonymous said...

Now just add some Baileys and Amoretti and you have your evening drink!

Leslie Lewart

Anonymous said...

Great use of words. Makes me wish I could drink coffee again.

surgical flourish :-)

San Diego

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Kay! I can taste the coffee and feel the heat. Vietnamese coffee is very good and popular with ice here in the tropics. Harve