Sunday, March 4, 2012

That Kiss (Sonnet)

That Kiss (Sonnet)

I’m sorry for your loss, as you are mine;
we feel this ‘quid pro quo,’ but cannot say.
We know, especially in the silent times,
that when we want, no help is on the way.

How quiet it is now that we are done!
Exaggerate the joy...or try and try!
It falls to ground--from something, morphs to none:
Manipulate it upward! Make it fly!

Whatever words we shared, the ones I miss,
or did they evanesce? A mist? A glow?
Few sentences are better than that kiss
remembered when we dare--before we go.

For what it is, I’ll burn my hours bright,
then snuff this candle softly, with ‘Goodnight.’

Kay Weeks on 3.4.12

Photos, from 2010:  Mar de Jade, Chacala Beach, Mexico.
Top: Tile steps, up and up to a Spa, or your room, or mine.
Middle: Beach rocks.
Lower Middle: Unexpected iguana on roof. I was reading.
Bottom: Morning view of the water and sky.

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Anonymous said...

Kay, cannot believe there were no comments on this. A wonderful sonnet. Bittersweet. Perfect wwith the melancoly picture from Mexico.