Saturday, March 10, 2012

Geese, Hats, Sky: The Lake

You already know what 'Lake' I am talking about: Centennial Lake in Columbia, Maryland.

It pulls me back in every season.

Just now, things are still coming out of dormancy. It is not yet Spring. Today, now, it is still in the 30s. But when the sun is willing, so to speak, the temperatures go up into the high 60s or 70. Soon, they will reach into the 90s...not to my liking.

But right now, nature is on the cusp of change: Moving toward spring.  Clocks change Sunday to Daylight Savings Time.  Right now, chilly...but daffodils in the yard, and more birds singing to seed.

The blogger wore a hat for the first time. Saw many hats.
Without much commentary, then, here are a few photographs from a recent walk at THE LAKE. Centennial Lake...Lake Centennial. Rte. 108 on the way to points South. 

If the Canadian Geese like the feel of the wind, 
and change in the color of things.  So do I.  We are connected.

Kay Weeks on 3.10.12

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