Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Never can say goodbye...

Never can say goodbye
No no no no, i
Never can say goodbye

...but then I do. Traveling is a passion for me, so this short feature is a sort of repeat performance. Ironically, summer would have been a better time to leave (with the temperatures up to 105 degrees). Or during the rains and flooding!

In a few days, I will join a tour and see parts of southern Spain, Andalucia--and Morocco.

But back to Historic Ellicott City and a few spots outside the historic district that I frequent and thus feel sad about leaving.  I took most of these photos out the car window, so won't bother to glamorize them by straightening or filtering, e.g. enhancing.  Always, I miss the lake, clouds, trees, changing light, but that will be another feature.  Looking up, looking across, looking down...always always looking.  OK...

First, on my sentimental tour this morning, gray and foggy, a stop at our Long Gate Safeway to buy some colorful mums and leave them on a friend's porch along with a small pumpkin. It's a bit early for pumpkins, witches, and the like, but all the catalogs are featuring them; advertising jumps us at least a month ahead.
 PUMPKINS! Not one of these big ones...the small pumpkin for my friend is enough for now--I already have mine, a mid-size fellow. He will stay whole and outside unless I carve him up for Halloween night.  Most likely a smile!

The old and new fire station. When the new one was built, it didn't seem right. Now it does...Routinely, in my view, residents complain about change, then digest and integrate it into their lives, saying, "Not so bad after all."  An intruder 'Subway' on our vulnerable Main Street made me shrug this morning when passing it. Kind of bright inside, but it will survive, unlike many trial.and.error offerings here. And survival brings dollars.

This is a "new" fire station, not in the historic district.
Old Ellicott City Fire a museum.

What I think of as town center with this great mural. shot of historic Tongue Row--also on blog masthead.

Mon Amie gift shop...great little place to visit!

     Above--this yellow historic church on Church Road is always pleasant to pass driving up toward is now used as a residence, graciously rehabilitated.

Left:  Another another view of the historic firehouse at the junction of Church Road and Main Street in the historic district.  It is interpreted on the weekends, and contains old fire equipment and other displays.
Across the Patapsco River Bridge into Oella. This huge historic mill building has been rehabilitated into rental residential housing, Oella Mills.  
Earlier, it was used as artists' studios.

A great place to eat and talk, The Trolley Stop...

Main Street, near the Church Road turn-off.

Main Street, Ellicott City Historic District, early Sunday morning.

Close to home now...leaving...then coming back.

Blog content and photos: Kay Weeks

9.21.11  (my brother's birthday)



Anonymous said...

Nice photos. I never saw Main Street so empty. When did you take that shot?


Denee Barr Art News and More said...

We are just so lucky to still have this town in existence, Historic Ellicott City, Maryland. Thanks for keeping the documentation alive and the enjoyment of this place visible.

Trudy Babchak said...

The pictures show why Ellicott City is a destination also.


Anonymous said...
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