Monday, June 20, 2011

Now, ON the a paddleboat

As we paddled away from the dock, this was the view.
Lake Centennial.  I've been on the walkways so many times, around and around the lake, thinking it was 3.3 miles and feeling, you know, a bit sanctimonious. Now, I read it is 2.7 m.  I note many people walk or jog it twice! Something to work on, for sure!

Yesterday, Father's Day, my son, grand.toddler and I rented a small paddleboat for 30 minutes at $9.00. It was perfect. You are given life jackets, release the boat from its mooring on the dock (a chain) and climb in.  In this case, Ariella sat in the middle.

It was a cloudy, cool morning and, in fact, so early there were only a few other boaters. Or joggers and walkers! We saw kayaks with fishermen, ducks, Canadian Geese and the best of all, water lillies in bloom...beautiful white flowers! Just a taste, but enough at that. Dark and light greens punctuated with colorful boats made the day--or, in our case, the 30 minutes! It was perfect!

From the boat, these water lillies are spectacular!

A new boat ramp can be seen here together with a bicyclist.

Canoes, kayaks...are available

General Store
  2- or 4-Seat Paddle Boat - $9 per half hour
  Canoe - $9 per hour
  Kayak (single or double) - $9 per hour
  Row Boat - $9 per hour

Check out the Department of Recreation & Parks web site:

Kay Weeks on June 20, 2011


Denee Barr Art News and More said...

So much fun in HoCo and much to continue to look forward too!
"Almost Summer"====Cheers.

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Anne Grimmer
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