Saturday, May 28, 2011

A long history - David's Natural Market

A little past.  What I now call "NAT MART" in this era of abbreviations (BTW; LOL, ETC.) was once called, poetically, Nature's Cupboard of  Love; early on, my daughter worked there for a short time...connections...and I bought almost the same things that I do today, minus the corn chips, tortillas, dark chocolate, organic French Fries, and other fun stuff I can't or don't or won't eat anymore! I was a runner then...

Store ownership and management--father and son, now several locations--you know, that sense of continuity over time. For me, this is tantamount to a resilient community spirit--and I applaud that.

David's Natural Market was an original feature of the Wilde Lake Shopping Center. Over an almost 40 year period, so many changes...places closed, new ones opened...this Market remains a stalwart (expanded, of course) in an almost iconic sense.  My personal tour though David's Natural Market will be limited, focusing upon those items I have purchased, or continue to purchase and enjoy.  The total offerings are spectacular.

OK, here we go!  Opening a side door, I am immediately in familiar territory--tea and coffee. I choose coffee and grind it myself. 

Next, to the bread refrigerator--my favorite is Ezekiel 4:9 with sesame seeds; I eat two slices almost every morning with unsalted crunch almond butter, OR peanut butter.

Space limitations--I also like Fage (Greek Yogurt), 0% fat, or 2% when splurging--with blueberries...But on to the economical incense at 10 for $1.50.  The dark, mysterious colors seem right for winter or fall; now, the lighter, brighter colors and aroma are more fitting for spring and summer, at least to this nose.

This is where I meet up with Courtney Carpenter, MS, David's in-store nutrition consultant. She has 28 years of experience consulting about natural products and has been at David's for 17 years. Ms. Carpenter speaks, writes and teaches locally on complementary health care for adults and children.

Here, Courtney is explaining a particular sleep "helper," since sleep deprivation is commonplace at today's stressed-out pace. She did not call them "helpers;" that is my term.

Courtney Carpenter is the person to talk to--for sure!  She has  advised me over the years on health and dietary issues, and is also a family friend. 

Finally, it's back to the David's CAFE, with many wonderful cooked offerings, sandwiches...and small tables to enjoy them.  This mural has always made me smile.  AND the sign for SUSHI makes me STOP...Pick out what I want, sit down, and eat it!

This couple from Burma can often be seen making "Oscar's Sushi." I asked and was told that, together, they make about 500 rolls a day!  Amazing...delicious, so many choices!

The fish wrapped in rice paper and lettuce leaves is now my choice...with out rice, although the eel and brown rice in a delicious sauce is an all-time favorite!   I must move on now.  This ends my brief tour through David's Natural Market in Columbia, MD. Hours and address, phone/fax numbers below, plus a link to the store web site.
Blog feature/photos: Kay Weeks


8 am - 8 pm

8 am - 8 pm

8 am - 8 pm

8 am - 8 pm

8 am - 8 pm

9 am - 7 pm

10 am - 6 pm

David's Natural Market I
5430 Lynx Lane
Columbia, MD 21044
410-740-2260 (fax)


Anonymous said...

Nice to know some things do last a long time...I have not been there in quite a while so might visit the next time I come up!

Sally Bright
Cambridge, MD

Denee Barr Art News and More said...

Great Food Great People!

Anonymous said...

Kay...another fun blog.You would love the food in Vietnam...very healthy. I just returned from a street party for the kids in our apartment. For sale for charity was spring rolls ( lettuce & veggies in rice paper ) sushi rolls, mixed fruit cups, raape juice that include the skin and another kind of spring roll that looks great. Anyway Daves sounds like my kind of place. HARVE....back to Kansas for a month 6/22.