Sunday, March 20, 2011

March brings mixed messages...

The familiar clock on Ellicott City's Main Street seems to know what time it is, literally,
but this seems to be a time between times for me. Recently home from a week in Mexico, where flowers were jubilant and everywhere,
things here appear gray-green and pale in comparison.

Home, then Super Moon last night, March 19, 2011, and again, this morning, when I caught "her" out a window, descending. I could see why there is scientific history of synchronistic spawning of coral on a night like this, but not applicable for Howard County, Ellicott City....Just an admirer of such incredible light and low on the horizon, with the sun about to appear "on the other side." All very symbolic, I'm sure, east and west, and light. But just simple this morning...then over.

Looking for some distinct theme, I took a little drive this afternoon around some old favorites in Howard County, such as Lake Centennial, took a few pictures (most of them out my car window), came back, and could really draw no conclusion about spring, 2011. Although there is that red blush on the trees, precursors to leaves, we are not green yet, in spite of St. Patrick's Day.

Also, the lingering horror of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan coupled with our economic depression here has seemed to delay joy, at least for many. One sees the men with sandwich-boards saying CASH for GOLD...on and on, but I will not go

In the Historic District, off Main Street at Little French Market, I spotted a number of people enjoying the late afternoon sun, just talking, and probably glad to feel the weather and mood changing before their eyes.
Still, not a lot of green or color.

Mixed Clothing messages. I quietly documented people wearing down jackets, shorts, short sleeved shirts and blouses...and most awakening for me on this chilly afternoon, standing in long lines to buy frozen custard at Rita's on Frederck Road and St. John's if it were spring break at Ocean City!

I was wearing a coat. Now, mind you, this is not a matter of age, but the flowers are just budding and we did have ONE day at 78 degrees, but it has fallen back into the 50s with 30s overnight. Here, there is no clear signal that it is time for sleeveless this and that. Nor am I ready to "go with the Easter bunny," since it still March...the March winds doth blow...I was stopped in my tracks, actually, by the mixed messages that Nature was sending on this chilly afternoon.

On the Sunday drive, I did spot one little tree in its "basic blossom attire," so sweet and not very forthcoming, as yet. It made me turn the car around, stop in front of a school on Centennial Lane, and appreciate it up close.

Back to Ellicott City Historic District and across the Patapsco River...gateway to Oella...

There were the cyclists and walkers...

The most compelling piece of nature as "spring hope" that I saw was this rock when turning up the familiar Church Road in the middle of Ellicott City Historic District. The water was running down...nothing frozen...and hints of green. Enough for me, today.

Kay Weeks

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wickedwren said...

Lovely explore, and nice to see the rock at the end.
Our spring is further on here.