Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Key ("la chiave")

Or keys, actually,
that I have used, over time,
to enter a space or retreat
into myself…

Except for this one
from Hotel San Luca
in Cortona, Tuscany, Italy,
that was, in and of itself,
a work of art—small art
you will probably be saying…
and true.

Looking now at my effort
to draw it,
while sitting on the bed in 103,
then paint it—given limited skills--
and now Facebook-like, sharing
with you and why? Not sure,
but let me try to explain:

Because I wanted
some small record
of my stay in Room 103
and how deeply I was drawn
to Tuscany with its
terra cotta tile roofing
and spear-shaped cypresses—
out a bus window,
smear of brown and green and gold.

And the story continues:
So later, after the trip,
when I looked more
closely at the Tuscany postcard
together with a small real estate photo

Of my own white stucco childhood
house with the same roofing
and recalled that lone cypress in our
backyard (admittedly, a very small
and very old black and white
real estate photo,
wrinkled, from the 30s)

I could see how that
key from Hotel San Luca
in Cortona connected me
to the old landscape
in California…and to myself
as well, of course:
You know how it goes--
That repeated rhythm
like the sea
of going out and also
going home.



Anonymous said...

Lovely idea, we love things that remind us of home.
Or, when we grow older, we are drawn to the past.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kay,
When I was about nine years old I went to visit my relatives in Indiana. Every morning I would walk down to the coffee shop with my aunt and on the way I would always stop at one place on the sidewalk and comment how good that spot felt to me. After a few days of noticing that same place my aunt pointed out to me that it was the one place that had a conifer tree like the ones that we had at home! Your blog really reminded me of that incident. We are pretty tied to places whether we think about it or not.

Cabot, VT