Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Snapshots of the Seasons

Nature Photographer
What? Where am I?
How you point your camera:
I don’t know what you’re thinking
or feeling, or, at times, even what I’m seeing!

But I'm dazzled, yes dazed
by color and light, by the way
the sun jumps off a leaf
or how raindrops hit a window,
and stick or slide, or not.

Of late, it goes this way:

I attribute the magic
to nature itself, yes, but
also to you because you
are bonding with it
in that special moment...

Now I’m flying on the wind
And at times, I feel I'm underwater with you,
and down there in the quiet depths,
we go gurgling our joy, but also
listen to the water’s sound,
then only when we must,

and, like a small current of now,
we let joy carry us to the surface
and, once there,
drawing one long breath
still wordless, we try to decide
whether to stay for long—

Or at all.

Poem by Kay Weeks
looking at the photo art
of Doreen Starling.

August 4, 2010


Kaye said...

Lovely tribute, Kay - wonderful words and wonderful photos.

Anonymous said...

your blog makes me want to see more of doreen's photos. your poem was a great tribute (an an honor to doreen)...especially toward the end.

do you ever wonder about those ladies standing in front of that doorway on tongue row in your blog pic? i wonder about them every time i open your blog. there's just something about them... i love the sign warning about the curve, too. when was that picture originally taken? it carries me back to a dreamier, easier way of life. there's a (hidden?) "story" in there!

Sharon C.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful page with great photos. I've never been to Ellicott City. I'm waiting for an invitation.

M. Scott
Washington, DC

Anonymous said...


This was so special. I loved it and read it immediately.

Caroline Gill
Swansea, Wales