Friday, August 13, 2010

Day Layering (A Sonnet)

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, is magical, or has that possibility. Ordinarily, I stay away from August in a crowded place, but this time it worked! The sonnet is really not connected to the experience; it just surfaced. Since I am still on emotional vacation, so to speak, this is a 3 1/2 hour departure from Ellicott City Historic District.

Day Layering (A Sonnet)

Every day is different, but the same;
Calling out to you, but no return.
At times I think you may not know my name!
How can I digest this and still yearn?

The sun comes up in east and sets in west.
I think I’ll stretch out flat in this cool sand.
If part of me calls out, it’s my soft breast,
Defining me as mountains shape the land.

While reptiles crawl and mouth their way to sleep,
And birds let go their fears to wing up high,
I go somewhere beneath the blue-green deep
To translate seeking words into one sigh.

Now catch me if you think the time is right,
Or watch me swimming headlong into night.

Kay Weeks
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Revised 8.13.10

Blog feature/photos: Kay Weeks
Friday, the 13th, and I don't care.


Trudy Babchak said...

Beautiful sonnet and pictures as usual. I love the variety of your subjects and your creativity. Trudy

Anonymous said...

I love your new sonnet. Really lovely. Aren't you glad you have the blog as a place to feature the artistic part of you? Neat. Very neat.

Lora Robertson,
Seattle, WA

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Kay. I was right there on the beach. I felt lucky.

M. Scott, Washingon, DC

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Kay and I love the
new sonnet. You captured such a
special meaning through your
artistic lens both in verse
and in your photographs.