Friday, May 14, 2010

Caring from the heart...

Kate St. John, your pet--& mine. Caring from the heart, Kate seems to bond immediately with animals the same way an artist bonds with subject matter. Many people convey fear around a dog or cat, but Kate St. John is simply one-on-one in an instant.

Case in point: The first time she met my cat, Camilla, she just lifted her up and hugged her. I knew immediately that Kate would be my kitty caretaker and she has been ever since. Starting with her own dogs and branching out to help friends and neighbors, she soon went professonal with an idea that puts her in harmony with what she believes in and loves. And it shows!

When Kate
takes care of
your cat or dog,
you know your pet
is in good hands.

As Kate herself writes on an upbeat Facebook back-and-forth web page, where friends and client-friends come in to chat: Kate's Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service happily serves the Maryland and DC areas. If you are looking for a Pet Sitter for any kind of animal, or need a dog walker contact Kate who has years of experience working with animals!

A testimonial from Lynda Meier: "I have to say that my dogs were lucky to have Kate walk them! I'd tell them 'kate's coming today' and I kid you not, they'd light up...!! "

Then Kate says: These are some of the lovely dogs and cats I get to spend time with while their human's are away :) They are all so amazing and sweet! I love my job!

Yesterday, I posted a photo of Camilla on
Kate's pet sitting web site. This morning I found this note:
"awwww,,,,I love caring for Camilla :)"
And you know what? It's true. She does.
That is why I will always call Kate when
I go somewhere. When I was in Rehoboth Beach
recently and missing Camilla, she
just happened to send a photo she took
to my cell phone. The timing was magical.
I came home a day early.

SO>>>CALL OR WRITE Kate to ask her about her fees for service:
443-717-3845 or go to Facebook and enter her name:
Kate St. John
This will come up:
Spring is here, if you want to get your doggies out in the fresh air while you are at work,
contact Kate for dog walking!
For comprehensive information on
Ellicott City Historic District, be sure to visit
Jeremy Kipp Clark's
Blog by Kay Weeks
Photos: Kate St. John & Kay Weeks

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Denee Barr Art News and More said...

Great b&w photo. We used to have a very beautiful German Shepherd dog many years ago. Kate sounds great...Calling all current pet owners!