Saturday, May 23, 2009

So much fun in one place!

The Forget-Me-Not Factory is brimming over with gifts--large and small--for every season.
That's Barry Gibson about to blow bubbles to delight passers by on foot and in cars. Read more about Barry, below.


According to Nancy and Barry, their Emporium is filled to capacity with wonderful, fantasy-related items. When you come inside, you have three floors to peruse, each one gets bigger as you go up because the shop is built into the bedrock hill, totalling over 5,000 square feet of pure whimsy. For me, having worked in a historic preservation program for thirty years, just seeing the interior itself is a thrill.

Now...Cut to the Curb. When you walk or drive by the Forget-Me-Not Factory on lower Main Street--nearly across the street from the National Historic Landmark Ellicott City Train Station--you may see Barry blowing bubbles or dressed in colorful garb attuned to the weather. My favorite was his April Easter Bunny, so serious and sad in a way.
But back to the joy! I asked Barry if he has fun with the Emporium. He shot back, "Absolutely!" He seems to have that Willie Wonka boyish energy.

I learned that Nancy Gibson, with her mother, Janet Vanderlipp, opened the Factory in 1985. That's Nancy to the right, a very friendly and knowledgeable owner, behind the counter talking to a customer.

When I was about to leave the store, I turned to ask Nancy
how they dust all the items?
She hesitated a moment, then replied, "Dust fairies. They're magic!"

You can't miss the Emporium logo,
and the fairy theme is an integral
part of the magical setting, both in
the windows and inside.

This blogger has climbed the stairs up to the
top floor many times, in fact,
every time someone comes to town!

Now, on your own take a tour through the Forget-Me-Not Factory. You will smile when you see a life-size Elvis, Historic Ellicott City. Maryland items, Halloween cats, a Christmas room, rocking horses, costumes...everything you might want to make a child (or adult) feel the magic. The frog theme, in particular, delighted me, especially this giant frog in a vest--dig those shoes! If you are in Historic Ellicott City, don't miss going into this delightful Emporium. And take your camera!

Blog and photos: Kay Weeks
Information: Nancy and Barry Gibson
For store hours go to:

Always check out Jeremy Kipp Clark's web site on
Historic Ellicott City, at

Hours: Sun-Fri. 10-9, Sat. 10-10
Phone: 410-465-7355
Toll free: 1-866-445-4879

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Denee Barr Art News and More said...

Yes my children and I visited this shop just a few weeks ago. We always enjoyed meandering through the different floors. So much whimsy so much fun.