Sunday, March 29, 2009

Making a Difference on Main Street

Always welcoming...
Located in the heart of Historic Ellicott City, Johnny's Bistro on Main offers innovative sandwiches, tapas fare, paninis, pizza, creative salads and fine wines and beers.

From this writer's perspective, it is always an active experience to eat at Johnny's Bistro. For one thing, you order your food at the back of the restaurant, near the kitchen. While deciding on your lunch or dinner, you can usually see Johnny cooking and it is always lively. The wines are visible and prices are posted, so there is no hidden agenda. After your food is prepared, it is brought to your assigned table. All in all, just plain fun! My favorite is the seared salmon over a bed of greens! But it is all high-quality, healthy food.

Company founder and managing partner, Johnny Breidenbach, says “After living in Ellicott City for the last 19 years, I felt I could bring a fresh approach to Main Street, adding, “For dessert, may I suggest bread pudding with bourbon sauce or crème brulee?" I said, "No thanks," but his freshly made desserts have received rave reviews, so you'd best try one, then take a walk around the District.

The idea is to have guests come in and experience a warm and friendly atmosphere, and enjoy the fresh variety of food with a flare at a reasonable price. "When I am not cooking I very much like to get out in the dining room and chat with my guest to insure their visit is enjoyable and memorable.” Johnny told me more about himself:

“I have been in the food business for the past 30 years working with a large international food service corporation and also with a small regional company in Washington catering to law firms. You have to love the business for the amount of time you need to devote yourself to food preparations, operational standards, developing the people around you and exceeding the expectations of your customers..."

"...Having been around food all my life, I have a collection of memorable events, such as supporting the culinary team preparing the reception for President Reagan’s Inaugural, catering to Lech Walesa from Poland, catering to the Prince and Princess of Jordan at National Geographic World Headquarters, and working with some distinguished Austrian chefs in Colonial Williamsburg."

Most important to me, since I feature creative entrepreneurs, was this from Johnny: "Over the years, I have learned a lot about business and how to be successful. I had a vision for this space on Main Street and hope to make a difference." I think he has.

Johnny’s Bistro on Main is located at 8167 Main Street, Historic Ellicott City, MD 21043 - Tel:410.461.8210
You may also wish to visit the Bistro web site where there is comprehensive menu information and a cool photo gallery.

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